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Originally Posted by samtaylor View Post
Will players like Banshee or Exaile be able to play the files produced by SV8?
Since Banshee use GStreamer for audio and video decoding, it should play SV8 files. However, you should have installed gst-plugins-bad
2008-04-25  Sebastian Dröge  <>

	* ext/musepack/gstmusepackdec.c: (gst_musepackdec_base_init),
	(gst_musepackdec_init), (gst_musepackdec_dispose),
	(gst_musepackdec_handle_seek_event), (gst_musepack_stream_init),
	(gst_musepackdec_loop), (plugin_init):
	* ext/musepack/gstmusepackdec.h:
	* ext/musepack/gstmusepackreader.c:
	* ext/musepack/gstmusepackreader.h:
	Add support for the new libmpcdec API which magically gets us support
	for SV8 files. Also do some random cleanup. Fixes bug #526905.
As for Exaile, the forthcoming version should suport Musepack:
0.3.0 will support the following formats:
aac (in m4a), mp2, mp3, musepack, speex, vorbis, wma, alac (in m4a), flac, tta, wav, wavpack, 669, amf, dsm, far, it, med, mod, mtm, okt, s3m, spc, stm, ult, xm, ac3, aiff, au, midi, real, shorten
Since SV8 is virtually finalized, Musepack support should include SV8. If this is not the case, you should complain in their forum.

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