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Originally Posted by Shy
Fractional parameters are well tuned. The only non "tuned" parameters are those other than --quality n or --preset name.
Thank you very much for clarification on non-integer MPC q-parameters. MPC codec (1.15v) with “--quality 5.5” will be used in SoundExpert (SE) 192 listening test.

Originally Posted by Shy
The issue is not with the bitrate, it's with how efficient and "smart" a codec is with its bitrate allocation for varying degrees of audio complexity. The bitrate which needs to be taken into account is the avarage bitrate of an entire musical piece, and not of a problematic segment.
This problem is well-known and SE test setup uses a sort of compromise solution. Nine sound samples (mostly from SQAM disk) are concatenated in one sound file without gaps/pauses. This file is used both for testing and calculation of actual bitrate in all SE tests since 2001. The samples are very different – from speech to electronic and classical music. So there is a room for a codec to show how smart it is when allocating bits across all nine samples. Yes, this solution is not ideal, but AFIC there is no ideal solution for the case – each has its own “pros” and “cons”.

And finally, MPC “--quality 5.5” produces 193.8 kbit/s average bitrate (or file based bit rate – FBR) on SE united test sample described above.
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