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ren works on xp.
So for windows (not as elegant as in linux, i know) I think the following is a good solution:
Make a batchfile, e.g. renmpc.bat, with the following content:
ren *.mp+ *.mpc
Download Sweep;O=A
Put Sweep.exe and renmpc.bat in %PATH% (e.g. System32), open a CMD window on the topmost directory of your Musepack files and type:
sweep renmpc.bat
and you will get recursive renaming. You can furthermore put this in folder contextmenu, but I haven't got the template for that reg file here. I can add this later if wanted.

Actually I figured it out. You'll have to make the renmpc.bat like this:
cd %1

sweep.exe ren *.mp+ *.mpc
and then make and import (doubleclick, answer yes) a reg file like this (you can name it renmpc.reg):


@="&Rename mp+ to mpc"


@=""C:WINDOWSsystem32renmpc.bat" "%1""
You'll need sweep.exe and renmpc.bat in System32 for this.
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