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Default Winamp plugin odd behaviour

Not sure whether this should be posted here or in the winamp forum. I only have mpc files, so can't tell whether this is a musepack thing or a winamp thing. Let's try here first...

I have winamp set to start playing my playlist on startup, with both randomise and cycle set. Not sure whether that's relevant, but that's how it's set up. I have replaygained all my tracks, and have winamp set to replaygain on (track based), clipping off.

Anyhow, after a track finishes and before the next track starts, I often (but not always) hear a jumbled sound for a second or two, like you hear when you hear a track being rewound, or a badly skipping track.

Most times it sorts itself out and gets on with the next track. Sometimes it just stops, and I have to play the tracklist again to get it going again. Sometimes, more rarely, winamp just goes bonkers, and doesn't clear out of the "skipping" jumble, causing system instability. I had to do the 3-finger salute once to end the winamp process and to get things back to normal.

Of course, it may be my system. I'm using Windows XP Home SP2.

Anyone experienced this?


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