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Default All MPC files broken after file restore


I'll make this quick. About a year ago I encoded tons of my CDs using the musepack format. Now I noticed that I had accidentally deleted not only the MPC folder on my old PC, but also my MP3 folder.

Not a big deal really since a) I have the music on CDs still and b) I was able to restore all the files using a harddisk utility (nothing had been written to the disk in the meantime, so all the files were restorable.

The problem is now that whereas all the mp3 files play without any problems, every single mpc file is broken. If I scan the files I get the same error every time ... like this one: X:\mpc\disk07\cluster 91812\08 - Easilee.mpc: broken after frame 28/11293 (00:00) [Note: The cluster stands for a restored folder holding mpc files that are all correct in size ... but broken.] If I try to play any of the files in foobar, some run through to the bitter end (no sound) with foobar trying to resynch every second. Some are simply not started at all.

Now, after having searched the net thin I guess all the files are lost. What I'm really interested in is why? Is the format so fragile? BTW: I did zip the restored files, burned them on a disk and transferred them that way to my new PC. Again: mp3 survived, mpc didn't.

Any ideas?
Thanks for your input.
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