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Maybe all your MPC files weren't restored properly, and maybe your MP3 files weren't either. This is the file restoration process's problem. The fact that you can play broken mp3 files with foobar2000 doesn't mean you can play them with all other players (especially hardware). Your broken MP3 files also may have audible glitches. If you don't mind having corrupted files, that's fine, but saying an audio format is "fragile" because you can't play corrupted files is strange. That's like saying an image format is fragile because you can't decode an image past the corrupted part so a partial image is shown. JPEG has a very little known feature that allows you to set restoration points in files, thus allowing you to decode the image further if a part is corrupted. You can imagine how "useful" that feature is 99.9% of the time...
A hack could probably be made to allow MPC playback beyond corrupted parts, but it would be full of issues just like with MP3.
In short: Corrupted files cause problems no matter what. Don't keep corrupted files.
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