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Default Low Level Cilcks

I'm glad that someone else has noticed this problem.

Since starting this thred I have gained more background info.

A typical test CD will have a range of fixed test tone levels from 0dB down to -120dB, this low level(well below the 16 bit minimun code level) is possible because of dither noise applied at the recording stage.

My recent tests show that the current mpc coder starts to produce noise artifacts at -70dB, inpractice this means that a low level classical recording of say piano or organ will produce audible errors. this is in clear comparisson to other coders which will reproduce the entire test CD rangewithout trouble.

Though I have not come to a firm conclusion I suspect that the mpc coder does better without record dither.

I have an mpc library of over 4k. files and have built a good confidence level in mpc. The problem only came to light when I play some recent cd copys which were not as good as they should be.
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