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I've also tried --ath_gain with --quality 4 profile. Bitrate jumps from ~140 to ~160 kbps and reach a comparable value than --quality 4.5 (I obtained these numbers by encoding 160 classical music samples; RG from -10 dB to +30 dB).

--quality 4 --ath_gain -8 [I've also tried -11] considerably reduces the level of distortion with various samples compared to --quality 4.5. The progress is audible even on tracks at normal volume (89 dB).

It may be interesting to compare --quality 5 --ath_gain -14 to --quality 5.x with tracks at normal volume to check possible progress. The regression I've noticed between 1.01j and 1.15 is maybe a consequence of different ATH threshold or something directly linked to ATH. It' just a possibility, tests are needed to confirm or infirm that.
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