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The next encoder release will be 1.15w. The bit stream's version number will be incremented to 7.2 (current is 7.1). The updated bitstream will be fully compatible with previous SV7 decoders/decoder libraries.

The new changes in the bitstream and the decoder library allow fast, sample and bit accurate seeking in MPC files encoded with the new encoder.

Existing MPC files, made with 1.15v and below, can also take advantage of fast seeking. The difference is that decoding accuracy after seeking, for a period of a few miliseconds and in rare cases up to a few seconds, may not be perfect (bit-accurate). A very high frequency, often unused subband may not be used during that time. The difference would most likely not be audible, and in a case where it is audible, it would pose no major issue (clicking, screeching, etc). A tool to losslessly convert existing files' bitstream (no reencoding involved) will be offered.

The release date is not set. It could take about a week or few.

Developers are welcome to test the current changes and feedback is appreciated.
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