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Default help needer about new version of libmusepack

Hi, i'm rewritting a plugin that i've coded to use the new C version of libmusepack, and I've some problems (and I'm a little bit lazy to search too :P)

/// Actually reads data from previously initialized stream.  Call

/// this iteratively to decode the mpc stream.

/// param buffer destination buffer for decoded samples

/// param vbr_update_acc todo document me

/// param vbr_update_bits todo document me

/// return -1 if an error is encountered

/// return 0 if the stream has been completely decoded successfully and there are no more samples

/// return > 0 to indicate the number of bytes that were actually read from the stream.

mpc_uint32_t mpc_decoder_decode(

    mpc_decoder *d,

    MPC_SAMPLE_FORMAT *buffer, 

    mpc_uint32_t *vbr_update_acc, 

    mpc_uint32_t *vbr_update_bits);
What must be the values of the to params that need documentation ?

I have some complains about the code of config_types.h too, it'll be a good idea to test and define __CONFIG_TYPES_H_MPC__ instead of __CONFIG_TYPES_H__, because some other libs use the same macro and this leads to some problems
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