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Default Musepack codec on Roku PhotoBridge


Thought some of you might be interested in knowing I've used libmpcdec-1.2 to produce a MPC codec for the Roku PhotoBridge.
The Roku PhotoBridge is an 'open platform' and a few weeks ago they (Roku) released a (currently very much beta) version of their firmware that supported a plugin codec model. So, their new version of music playing software is still pretty basic, but anyone who wants can download a version of the MPC codec (from my site) and enjoy their Musepack encoded music.

Heres a link to the forum post (that contains a link to the source code etc.)

Heres an link to the brochure page to the PhotoBridge (so you can see what one looks like!)

I only had a make a few tiny changes to the libmpcdec-1.2 source code to make it compile/work.
It makes use of MPC_FIXED_POINT - with this not defined its (very rough figures) about 3x slower than real time, with MPC_FIXED_POINT defined it can decode (again rough figures) at around 6x realtime.

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