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I know the thread is old but nevertheless i strongly suggest you try and listen yourself before you make a decision on the quality.

If you are anything like me who think that Lame APS sounds good then perhaps you will find that --standard will more than cover your needs.

I am not able to hear any difference between --standard and original in the way i listen to music. Maybe, just maybe I could hear something if I would do a listening test and really look for the "mistakes". But thats so far away from how i listen to music so it means nothing to me.

I've read that in any case, --standard is better than any MP3 encoding sinpmly because its a very well tuned sub-band encoder.

It was created to be "perfect" 99.9% of the times and thats more than good enough for me.

I love the space saver --standard gives me over other settings and formats so i can recommend it strongly and i honestly feel that people sometimes tend to "talk it down" a bit just because its named --standard.

Which audio lover would publically claim to be music lover and yet say that a "standard" preset sounds excellent when it exist other presets with fancy names like "xtreme", "insane" and "braindead" ? :-)

Oh and just to stir up some lossless fuzz...whats the point to have such spacegobblers when MPC does it just as well? If i'd want to use uncompressed material i'd just listen to the CDs as they are. MPC is a no brainer to me but lossless is a big popularized question mark

Trust your own ears!
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