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Default Mpcgain Batch file? Tags?

I am used to gui, sadly. Speeks frontends used to get me by quite well, still use his Mpc Batch Encoder for the new SV8, just had to rename the exe. Can't seem to make the replaygain option in the frontend work. Can someone in the know please scratch out a bat or something I could use to Mpcgain a folder, or group of subfolders perhaps. So long since I did musch with a dos box, forgot most of what little I knew. I will have to find a way to Ape tag these files as well, tag function in Speeks frontend shows an error, "can't read file type" I think. Seems to tag the file, just not sure if it messes with the file in a bad way as well, don't want to goof the compatability. I can live with the error as long as I know its not affecting the mpc. I have about 160gig of Flac to convert to MPC before I can backup and put away the Flacs.

Thanks for any-all help.
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