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Smile Musepack SV8 beta is out

The Musepack SV8 beta is out. The new stream version solves all of the format's issues and opens a vast range of possibilties. We have set a goal to make Musepack an optimal choice for any kind of application which demands high quality audio. SV8 offers many improvements and benefits to anyone from users to content providers to application developers.

Musepack audio can now be used in video, online radio, voice communications and more. It's optimal for projects which demand high quality, fast-decoded, truly gapless audio streams and instant, sample-accurate seeking such as video games, interactive or static demonstrations and various specialized applications.

This is a beta of the format's stream version itself and not just the codec's accompanying applications. SV8 is complete, but it needs to be finalized. There is a chance that some bugs have gone unnoticed. The purpose of this beta release is to allow wide-scale testing before the new stream version is finalized. Your participation is essential.

We don't recommend that you start mass-encoding or converting SV7 files to SV8 just yet. If changes to the bitstream will have to be made, they may break compatibility with files created by the beta version. After the public beta testing period is finished (the period of time depends on the findings) and the final version is released, you could safely encode and convert.

Users: if you encounter any trouble with either mpcenc, mpcdec, mpcgain, mpccut, or mpc2sv8, feel free to report it.
Developers: if you have any question to ask, problem to report or patch to submit, feel free to do so.

Package contents:

mpcenc - Musepack SV8 encoder
mpcdec - Musepack SV8 decoder sample application based on the latest decoder library
mpcgain - Musepack SV8 ReplayGain utility based on our new ReplayGain library
mpccut - Musepack SV8 stream cutter
mpc2sv8 - Musepack SV7 to SV8 lossless converter


- Packetized stream allowing muxing into audio and video containers (e.g. MKA, MKV, NUT)
- Streamable
- Sample-accurate, fast seeking independent of file length
- Sample-accurate cutting
- No internal clipping. --noxlevel flag removed, not needed anymore
- Bitstream compressed by highly optimized canonical huffman tables - 2% smaller files and faster decoding
- Cleaned up and rearranged code - libmpcdec, libmpcenc, libmpcpsy
- Removed input from audio card (OSS)

SV8 stream options:

--no_ei - do not write encoder information packet (default: off)
--no_st - do not write the seek table (default: off)
--num_frames x x = 0..7 - number of frames in packet = 4^x (default: 3)
--seek_distance x x = 0..15 - keep a seek table entry every 2^x audio packet (default: 1)

SV8 specification


Windows package
Source code

To test SV8 files, you can use the newly released foobar2000 beta.

Naturally, while SV8 is capable of being used in a new range of applications, support for it has to be implemented in them first. Applications which already support SV7 will have to be updated to allow use of SV8 files.
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