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yes, i prefer to gain them before encoding,
so i get it done once and for all. I can not imagine there would be
any "damage" done, i assume ReplayGain MPC and Wavegain is
equal in the way they work. there is a noticeable diffrence in peak value,
and overall amplitude, when you decode though.
If you gain them before, enc/dec. there values still are within what`s safe,
but if you use MPC+RG, then after decode is still needing "levelling"
to be within range. There is one more reasons i do this, for give the
encoder best possible work conditions.

One more thing, (slightly off Toppic)
are there any known difference between WaveGain, ReplayGain (MPC)
Mp3Gain and VorbisGain. It is been awile since i tested
Wave/mp3-Gain, and there was some x.xx% difference between those to
in values in compressed form and after decode.

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