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Default Re: How Do I Install the plugin for Winamp?

Hi GhostyDog,

I some .mpc files that I would very much like to play, up until now I have been using WMP however this app doesn't support your codec so I have now downloaded winamp 5.
it is very well possible to play Musepack files with the Windows Media Player or any other player that supports DirectShow, you just have to download and install the MPC DirectShow filter. To those in charge of, it might be a good idea to add it to the download area, although I have to admit that educating people about better audio players like foobar2000 should be preferred, of course.

I'd like to know what to do with the executable I downloaded. I ran it and it opened up the command line but if it installed the dll and decoder info it did it somewhere I can't find it.
I suppose you have downloaded and run this executable. It should show a setup window where you can chose the path of your Winamp directory, and supposing you have entered the correct path, the Plugin in_mpc.dll should be installed to the Plugins subfolder. If it starts a command line window (I hope I understood that right), there has most likely been a transfer error during the download, try to re-download the file.
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