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Yes, it's possible to play Musepack files via DirectShow Filters on Microsofts Media Player but there are some disadvantages like: missing tag support, playlist doesn't work for Musepack files...

And GhostyDog believe in Neptunes saying and give foobar2000 a try: you can download it at and you will have no problem to play your files because Musepack support is standard here.

Regarding your Winamp problem:

Start "in_mpc_0.99d.exe" ( and a window will ask you to "select the installation directory" which is usually "Crogram fileswinamp". If it isn't you need to click on BROWSE and select the right directory (not the plugin directory). Proceed by clicking INSTALL and the plugin will be copied. You'll see some text (you called it command-line) like:

Output folder: c:program fileswinampplugins

Extract: in_mpc.dll

And that's all. Start Winamp and Musepack is yours!

Good luck :wink:
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