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Yes, it's possible to play Musepack files via DirectShow Filters on Microsofts Media Player but there are some disadvantages like: missing tag support, playlist doesn't work for Musepack files...

And GhostyDog believe in Neptunes saying and give foobar2000 a try: you can download it at and you will have no problem to play your files because Musepack support is standard here.

Good luck :wink:
at first: sorry for my "crazy" English. ops:

There is an another problem with MPC DirectShow filter too.
It seems, the executable for this filter: RadlightMPC.exe is a Spyware Installer. :evil:
I get this information after a analysis on my PC with the programm
"Spybot - Search&Destroy".
Not the filter is Spyware, only there is inside an Add-On for the Spyware.
Maybe it is possible to delete this Add-On after the Installation. With "Spybot - S&D" or with similar programm.
It don't means that ALL DirectShow filter for Windows Player have the same problem. I don't get this "bad" information about FLAC filter or Vorbis.
Perhaps this is not a big problem for you, GhostyDog, or for the others.
I only want to report this in FORUM.
But the idea to try foobar2000 is a very, very good tip for you.
Because foobar is an great "laborer" and player.
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