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Personally I'm lost to foobar2000 as my player of choice for audio on Win32. (Not that there's not other good players, like XMPlay, 1by1 and probably more....)

But as a recommendation for people who just wants the simplest and easiest software possible to simply playback formats like MusePack, Ogg Vorbis, Monkey's Audio, WavPack and more, I've started to name vuplayer. Nothing much to understand, no download & install of extra plugins, just install the player & play the files. Many find foobar2000, even Winamp way to difficult, too much hassle to understand... This thing could be a very good choice for them. Actually, it should be added to the Program Overview page... (And good to see Burrrn finally got added...)

vuplayer still lacks replaygain and cuesheet support, but that's hopefully features that will be added, the developer says it's on his list. Otherwise it looks like good, solid software...

EDIT: Typo.
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