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Default How to install on MAC OS X

The files contained in the package are 3: mppdec to decode an MPC file into a WAV file, mppenc to encode a WAV file into an MPC file and mppdec-esd is for older Mac OS versions.

Make sure these files are in the same folder as the mpc files you want to convert.

Now, open Terminal and go to the folder of the mpps:

[localhost:/] myname% cd /users/myname/desktop/Phaedra

[localhost:~/desktop/Phaedra] myname% ls
Mysterious_Semblance_At_The_Strand_Of Nightmares.mpc

As you can see, in this folder I have my MPC files and the Musepack encoder/decoder. Now, type the following command in the prompt:

./mppdec mympcfile.mpc mympcfile.wav

Where "mympcfile.mpc" is the mpc that you want to decode, and "mympcfile.wav" is the name of the file that's to be decoded.
Press enter and the process will start, this takes a little:

[localhost:~/desktop/Phaedra] myname% ./mppdec Phaedra.mpc Phaedra.wav
MPC Decoder SV7 1.15r 1999-2003 Buschmann/Klemm/Piecha/Wolf

decoding of file 'Phaedra.mpc'
to file 'Phaedra.wav'

Tangerine Dream: Phaedra (, 1974)
[01] Track01 (Rip by Rob / EAC + mpcenc 1.14 q8 )

254.7 kbps, 17:37.54, SV 7.0, Profile 'BrainDead' (Beta 1.14)

17:37.53 (runtime: 45.00 s speed: 23.50x)

[localhost:~/desktop/Phaedra] myname%

And now it's ready. Thats it
This way is only to convert into a wav file, if you want to convert into another format you'll need the appropriate encoder or any program that can do it.
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