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Terminal works similar to DOS.
Phaedra is not a command, is my example, an audio file.
if you are in the macuser directory, your full address should be /users/macuser/ . If you have the mpc files in the desktop, the full address of your desktop is /users/macuser/desktop . if you want to go to any address in Terminal you must enter the follow command:
cd directory (where "directory" is the name of the folder, you have to replace)
If you wish to see the content of the folder you must type:
ls (LS)
if you want to run an application you must type:
./appname (if you are in the appname's directory).

First, go to the folder of the mpcs files, the aplication "mppdec" must be in the same folder.
is better to leave all in the desktop.
use the command: cd /users/macuser/desktop
now you are in the desktop folder, the dir you have placed all the mpcs files and mppdec
now you can run the application to convert the files into wav, one at a time. type:

./mppdec mympcfile.mpc mympcfile.wav

Where "mympcfile.mpc" is the mpc that you want to decode, and "mympcfile.wav" is the name of the file that's to be decoded.

I have not tried to do that, but I think that is not possible because the system is allowed to convert
files only, if you put the folder name in the pathname the system will ask you for a file anyway. I have not tried so it maybe could work but I do not think.
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