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I'm impressed and surprised that this thread is still open. You've proven me wrong, Shy. My other account simply wouldn't allow me to log in after the other topic was closed, even after the first simply sent me to a blank page. When trying to retrieve my password thru email, my account was deemed inactive for some reason.

I will say this about the test I referenced and why I did. I had a cursory listen of the samples used in the open 128 kbps test earlier this year and my ears (I've got hyperacusis in the left and both have been subjected to loud volume sources in the recent past) and equipment and artifact training were not sufficient enough to pick up the differences, so I've got the sinking feeling that any test I try to conduct at such bitrates (~180) will be especially meaningless, so that is why I referenced another individual's test (and someone whose methodology has been proven reliable). Additionally, I haven't seen any similarly conducted public tests at these higher bitrates. Perhaps that is what is needed once and for all to settle the score.

And at the very least with regards to 128 kbps, I did just follow up on the public listening test and it does indeed show that MPC isn't at the top of the pack (nor is Vorbis): - Take that perceptibility scale with a grain of salt. I personally don't find it at fault.
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