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You're absolutely right! I had to use provocation with some people to change things. Apologies to everyone (particulary to Lefungus, who really did a great job with XMMS/BMP mpc plugin). On the other hand some people deserved it because of their attitude.

This process should work in a much more different way. I also stand behind idea that it should be e.g. just one Winamp plugin instead of lot of variations. Some ideas are not interesting to many people, I admit. Maybe error popup isn't crucial to many? But if we think that way, we could say that audio formats different to MP3 are also not crucial to many and stop developing MPC. I just want to say that any suggestion should be considered, and if it's worth, built into the official release. Main programmers cannot see all bugs and get all ideas on their own. Please don't get me wrong, because I really respect all the work they've done and I'm gratefull to them.

Regards, Miksha
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