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Does SqueezeCenter seriously not have its own decoders? I didn't think it's an application that uses external command-line decoders for audio file playback..

mpcdec is just a decoder sample application, meant to do nothing more than decoding. mppdec was a an actual player as well (which is very uncommon and should not even be expected from a usual command-line decoder)

Conversion to various formats, sample rates and bit depths, tag reading, ReplayGain, etc. should be handled by the player or streamer application itself, not third-party command-line decoders. By the way, their default of applying title-based ReplayGain is a bad choice, especially for albums with continuous tracks.

If they must have the mppdec features, they could keep using it for SV7 files and for SV8 files they could use mpcdec. But in case the program can't even read file headers and detect that it's an SV8 file, then they couldn't.
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