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The method used by almost all software developers is to create their own decoder based on the available Musepack decoder library (or "source code") or on a third-party decoder library (such as GStreamer or ffmpeg). The decoder is either included within the application itself or provided as a plugin.

I think any developer would agree that using someone else's command-line deocder is not a recommended method for playback or streaming and can't be expected to be reliable or work at all.

In short, I don't know whether it's a possibility for them or not, but my suggestion would be that they take the usual, widely-accepted and expected approach, and based on the source code create their own decoder which can have any features they need and leave out any features they don't.

I wish people didn't advertise that a product "supports" a format when in fact it just uses a third-party application to do the work for them in a dirty way. But there's really nothing we can do about it.. I appreciate your efforts and understand your frustration. Hopefully this issue could be fixed and you could enjoy your audio and not have to mess around with compatibility issues.
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