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But for all the eloquence on the matter - audiophiles do not form the main consumer group for mp3 players, just like technicians hardly do decide on the audio format support comparing to the "say" of their bosses.
So now I am thinking that support won't come until we get PDAs to be "small enough" or mp3 players to get some kind of operating system, allowing us to just install a software player on it.
I can clearly understand why Apple is not going to implement any new formats - it is focusing the marketing politics on selling digital music, so it needs its own format to enforce it etc - this is straightforward and is their choice.
I also understand small time mp3 players producers - they will be selling their stuff to common folk, who considers bitrate of 128 with some blade or xing encoder (wow, it is fast) to be sounding just fine...
Iriver really seemed to have a lead with extended formats support, but it is news to me that they're removing ogg support. Not sure, why, most likely due to pressure from guys like RIAA (though just my guessing here). So as a result I will postpone my mp3 player buying and see if I won't be able to get some, which will be capable of having some joke of an OS to be able to install things on it.
It really does all look grey though, however no matter how much certain freedoms are repressed they find their way to exist and with expansion of hdd space of mp3 players and inclusion of more and more options (like useless, imho, photoalbums) there is bound to appear some way of alternative firmware patching - perhaps, another good project with gpl already now.
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