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Originally Posted by r2d View Post
Does the crash append with all the dsp plugins, or just this one ?
Well, I generally don't use dsp plugins, only this one when I use speakers.
After I doscovered the problem I've tried some other plugins that claim to do the same job, but since I was not satisfied with the quality, I refused to use them, even they don't crash the Winamp.
However, I don't exclude the possibility that some other plugin interacting with in_mpc would crash WA. This would be a problem once the new format gains a popularity.
I thought that there could be some problem with stdio because in description of the mentioned plugin one can read that it could operate directly with the raw PCM stream coming from the output of in_CDReader plugin.
Of course I might be wrong, I don't know anything about the Winamp plugins design.
I would write to the author of the dsp plugin, however it seems that this project has been discontinued and the home page has disappeared.

Do you have an idea what could be the problem?

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