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To play MPC files with programs that use DirectSound for playback, such as Windows Media Player, you can use the RadLight MPC DirectShow Filter that can be downloaded from the 'MPC for Windows' section on the site. If PlayCenter uses DirectSound, it should be able to play MPC files after installing that plugin, if it doesn't, it probably can't.
You can download plugins for various programs from the site, and the 'Prog Overview' section has a list of programs that can play MPC files.

The Musepack encoder and decoder are not playback plugins, they're used to convert wav files to mpc and mpc to wav. They're command line applications, which means they don't have a graphical user interface, so you have to run them from a command line window (Start -> Run -> type "cmd"). If you don't know how to use the command line interface or prefer to use a GUI (Graphical User Interface) you can download 'MPC Batch Encoder' from the site, unzip it to the same folder you put mppenc.exe and mppdec.exe in and use it. Other programs can be used as frontends to mppenc and mppdec as well.
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