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The plugin's at fault if this is how it shows it. From mppenc.exe's --longhelp:

Profile Options (Quality Presets):
--telephone lowest quality, (typ. 32... 48 kbps)
--thumb low quality/internet, (typ. 58... 86 kbps)
--radio medium (MP3) quality, (typ. 112...152 kbps)
--standard high quality (dflt), (typ. 142...184 kbps)
--xtreme extreme high quality, (typ. 168...212 kbps)
--insane extreme high quality, (typ. 232...268 kbps)
--braindead extreme high quality, (typ. 232...278 kbps)

BTW, please pick a more descriptive subject when posting, to make it easier for others to find your post (interesting) and reply.
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