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Default Total Newbie here! What do I do with these MPCs?

Alright guys, I'm going to sound like a total idiot but I'm sure you guys can help me. I've tried browsing around the forum and I can't seem to find my answer.

I unpacked a .rar folder that was supposed to be a rather rare bBob Marley album (I'm trying to get everything he's ever done on my computer), only as opposed to mp3s or wmas, all the tracks are .mpc format. I have no idea what to do with this or how to get it to play in Windows Media Player, which is my player of choice (Yes I've heard the advantages of switching to iTunes already). Is there a way I can convert them to mp3 or wma? I'm sure I will lose a bit of quality but if it means getting them to play the same way as my other albums (in Windows Media Player) I'm willing to give up the extra quality.
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