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The Radlight MPC filter should be installed and working just by running the installer. But as mll said above; it still doesn't make WMP recognize MPC files. You have to use the open files menu (drag & drop won't work), then choose "All Files" for filetype, then choose your MPC file, then click OK to a popup saying effectively something like "WMP doesn't recognize this filetype at all, but can proceed an attempt to play it if you really insist very hard". It will then play the file OK. At least this is what happened the one time I tested this with WMP 9 on XP sp1. I did it for testing. I don't like that player. Other downsides: WMP (using the mentioned filter) doesn't support MPC's apetags very well, and it doesn't know anything about replaygain. So you'll lose some of the formats prime features by using that player.

Why not do the smart and easy thing and dump that lousy player, and go for foobar2000 or Winamp instead....?
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