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Default Confused.. What about the old encoders?


I would like to ask you about the old versions... As far as I know, mppenc 1.1 is the only one release version, right? Is this mean it is a stable one? I also have the version 1.7.9c (year 2001) of Andree Buschmann... What about them and their quality, their bugs? Are they still good enough to be used? I see you making new and new versions, fixing bugs and changing features. Do some of the bugs fixed in 1.14 - 1.15v occur only in these versions and are new to the old ones, or they also have them? And the most important: Is the sound quality the same? It is difficult for me to say that, because currently I don't have quality equipment. I read Andree Buschmann have written that there is almost nothing more to do about the quality and it is already developed? Do these versions, especially 1.1, really produce the same sound quality?

Thank you very much!

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