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Much has changed since version 1.1. Bugs were fixed and especially quality was improved. 1.1, although it's a "final" number, and 1.14, although it's a "beta" number, are less stable and are of lower quality than 1.15v, which is the latest "alpha" release. Bugs that existed as far back as in Andree's old versions are fixed in 1.15v. We recommend only 1.15v due to what I mentioned.
Andree wrote a long time ago "In terms of quality the encoder has almost reached the final state." That was a wrong assumption. As was proven later, the old sayings stick to this as well. If you check hard enough, you'll keep finding something to improve, and no matter how good something is, it can always be improved further. That was definitely shown in later versions after Frank Klemm took over the project. Also, decoding and encoding were immensely sped up.
To sum things up, in the words of Frank, "1.14 is uninteresting".

Edit: Keep in mind that 1.14 which is the last "beta" version is from when the Musepack encoder was still not widely made open source. Since it was made open source, we have been able to fix several important things. Musepack's recent quality assurance is stricter than what it used to be, thus the current "alpha" status isn't related to previous encoder status, and that's why it doesn't mean it's of less quality than previous releases.
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