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Thanks, that's a perfect answer!
And one more question...

I am happy of the fact that almost all MPC's options can be manually configured, it is very useful sometimes depending on the music, for very fine tune, if one knows for what they are (especially if is interested in acoustics and psychoacoustics)... But I did a test: I entered manually all options of --quality 10, of --xtreme, etc., but the encoder always sees them as "Normal Profile". For example:

D:\MPC>mppenc --bw 22050 --ans 6 --cvd 2 --ms 15 --ltq 599 --nmt 14 --tmn 33 --tmpMask 1 --minSMR 6 --ltq_max 46 --ltq_gain -30 --verbose --verbose jim.wav
MPC Encoder 1.15v --Alpha-- (C) 1999-2005 Buschmann/Klemm/Piecha/MDT

mppenc: Output file 'jim.mpc' already exists, overwrite (Y/n)? YES

encoding file 'jim.wav'
to file 'jim.mpc'

SV 7.0 + XLevel coding, Profile 'Standard'

PCM fader : fade-in: 0.00 s, fade-out: 0.00 s, shape: 1
Scaling input by : left 1.00000, right: 1.00000
Maximum encoded bandwidth: 22.0 kHz
Adaptive Noise Shaping : max. 6th order
Clear Voice Detection : Dual
Mid/Side Stereo : Mid/Side Stereo when superior + enhanced (3/oo dB)
Threshold of Hearing : Model 599: min(Klemm,Busch), Max ATH: 46 dB, Offset:
-30 dB, +Offset@20 kHz:-29 dB
Noise masks Tone Ratio : 14.0 dB
Tone masks Noise Ratio : 33.0 dB
Exploitation of temporal post masking
Minimum Signal-to-Mask : 6.0 dB
No deleting of input file after encoding

%|avg.bitrate| speed|play time (proc/tot)| CPU time (proc/tot)| ETA
16.7 335.6 kbps 1.84x 0:38.0 3:47.7 0:20.7 2:03.8 1:43.1

Am I missing some option, maybe some of the "Stuff Settings"? Or some values are just rounded...?
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