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Default that's COOOOOOOOOOOL

"Hey guyz! What a cool discussion you have. Lighke it everything would be dedikated to sOme special politics, or something. It doesn't matter, who created better format or Sou. It mutters only that this guy have grown accustomed to the first program on the market. There are few BIGG thingz on tha market, and new SMALL alternatives. Common brozhers - let everybody be happy in his OOWWWN world, ya know. "


The words above are from my brother, who is invalid - he is able to read, speak, but have no fingers.

I personally have found your forums just because, too, was looking for the program who plays MPC files or MusePack. I was not found any plugin on Winamp's site, so I am gonna to download Foobar again - but I agree, too, that many users like me, who are using Winamp from the very beginning, just do not know about alternatives. For example, you guys are using phpBB software with enabled user registrations. If you support such an important event as a new audio codec, you should be prepared that many users will do not ask much about your codec, just because your board is closed for guests. I went through 15 steps before wrote the message to this board, but just because I really wanted it. On another hand, I am developer, too, and one of my free open source projects is a php bulletin board called minibb which is alternative to phpBB.

Back to BM - I like BM too, but I disagree to use this software, if you're obtruding it :-) Be happy! :-)
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