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Default 6 channels mapped different than wav

Hi guys,

I found some 6 ch. wav files and tried to convert to mpc just to prove that it can work with multichannel audio.
However, it appeared, that FR and FC are swapped, if in wave file they are ordered as FR FC FR (BL BR LFE), in mpc they are played as FR FR FC.
I cannot hear the back channels (BL and BR) and LFE on my laptop, so I cannot say if there is an issue with their order too.
I don't know if there is a standard for channels order and if there is some markers in the wav, but I expected that decoded channels should be in the same order as in the input signal, maybe it's not so simple though.
The second issue with multichannel audio is that back and front channels are mixed, so in mpc file I can hear both FL and BL from the left speaker, while in the original wav I can hear only the FL.
I tried Foobar2000 and MusicBee (using bass library), both sounds the same way.
I cannot attach the test wavs, they are bigber than the limit, so I uploaded them here:


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