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Hi all,

maybe you have followed the long pre discussions of the latest Sebastian Mares 128k vbr multformat test at HA.
The longness of that topic shows imo, that the goal of that test was & is finally not very clear.

It was first about formats, which have portable support etc,
but the conductor does not think, that iriver/Rockbox or PPC/PDA's are portable,
then the test should be about "popular" formats, but wma-standard is not included, though wma-professional.

Well, all in all, MPC was excluded because of not being "modern", not being "popular", not being "portable".
(Though it is still popular at HA..., though not by the vorbis guys, who seem to consider mpc still as competitor, rival.)

I suggest, that a fair 128k test is organized, including mpc and wma-standard, lame 3.97b2, ogg, aac.

For mpc i suggest 1.14v and 1.15v to include.
The previous tests were with 1.14b. (Another point against the deselection of mpc at that ha-test, as with 1.15v there is a modernized untested version).
One of the difficult organisation tasks will be, to find out q settings, wic average to same averaged bitrate on a large variety of music/albums.
But i see eg. gurus points, the behaviour of formats should also be tested at samples, which get clearly lower averaged bitrate.

I suggested at HA, that a 2nd consecutive test is organized, including some "comoparabnle anchor" and untested formats, ie. MPC & WMA-standard.

I dunno, if guys should organize such a test, or if we should wait, if HA performs it.

Maybe it is even interesting, to make tests easier to carry out, to lower from 128k vbr to (9x - 10x) vbr, because of wma-standard and because of ability to abx.
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