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Does anyone use RipperX? I see no mention of Musepack support, but I cannot test it myself.

Regarding mppenc, if you find --standard good enough, stay with 1.14. You're not likely to tell the difference between 1.15r and 1.14. If you don't mind slightly bigger files, go with 1.15r. At --insane and above, I cannot find any sample that sounds worse with 1.15r. It's more likely that some samples will benefit from 1.15r at such settings. What do you mostly listen to?
I do, because I don't like console
Under Windows I prefered Xtreme and BrainDead prestets...
So, if using mpcenc is impossible in ripperx, how can I use it in console? I think about encoding full albums, not single files and I can't imagine writing the same command for each file
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