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I see you set the encoding quality to 10. You shouldn't do that, as it's a waste of space. Although quality 5 and 6 are very reliable (in being "transparent"), quality level 7 is the best balance between getting "assurance" that you get an artifacts-free stream and getting a file that doesn't waste a lot of space for no reason. In the extremely rare case that quality 7 does not sound identical to the original, higher quality settings would almost certainly not solve it either. Quality 10 is provided merely for completeness of the software.
I chose musepack format as an intermediate variant between cbr mp3 320Kbps and lossless format, for archive storage and for playing on computer, but with the expectation that sometimes it may be need to transform musepack files to mp3-format for playing in hardware players that don't support musepack codec. It's not recommended to transform from one lossy file to another, but when transcoding from high bitrate musepack files, there is no hearable difference between when you transcode from lossless format. That's why i choose parameter q10 in mpc-encoding.

If i encode music from original to musepack with q6 or q7 quality, and then transform musepack file to mp3 with 192kbps bitrate, does the difference in quality will be noticed between the same mp3-file, but maded from original sound?

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