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Is it possible to add a ability of encoding in Musepack format from high sampling rate sources (VynilRip or Hi-Res sound with 192Khz and 96Khz sampling rate) with preserving of source sampling rate higher then 48Kz, up to 192Khz, in new versions of Musepack codec?

I like Musepack codec, but now it supports only 48Khz sampling rate maximum, so if i want to convert source lossless sound from VynilRip or DVD-Audio with 96Khz or 192Khz sampling rate in lossy format with the best possible quality and with keeping of source sampling rate (96Khz or 192Khz), it forces me to use OGG format instead of Musepack, because OGG format supports encoding in 96Khz and 192Khz sampling rate.
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