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Default mppenc 1.16 slower? maybe it's my compiler

hey folks. i was glad to hear there's a new mppenc out. i was hoping for a binary, like previous releases, but i went ahead and compiled it.

i finally got around to using it today, and it seems the encoding speed is pretty slow. I'm currently running at around 7x, where normally with 1.15 i'd be getting 22x. not that it makes much difference, since i'm ripping and encoding at the same time, but it still worries me.

i noticed 1.15 uses nasm to compile and 1.16 doesn't.

i'm running Arch Linux, which is a bleeding edge i686 distro. i have cmake 2.4.5, gcc 4.1.2, automake 1.10, autoconf 2.61, nasm 0.98.39 ... that's all i could think of that is relevant.

anyway, so i'm hoping to see people reporting their 1.15 vs 1.16 speeds (i'm assuming no slowdown, since somebody else would have complained by now), and hopefully a statically linked binary. or maybe instructions on how to extract a deb package, since they have binaries.

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