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Default Broken files under Linux?

After encoding album A, all works fine (1.15v alpha). Then I copy it to my test-linux (Etch) and try to play it with Amarok 1 of 19 file are not playable with it. XMMS seems to play it, but the end of file are cuted (maybe on other files too). mpc123 seems to play all fine. MD5 and mpcscan gives no problem. The files are APEv3 taged.

So my first idea was a bug in the encoder. I updated to the last stable and try album B. I got 3 corrupt files there.

I'm not sure that versions of decoder are used under Debian Linux. Maybe it is libmpcdec3 1.2.2-1.

I hope you can say me, there the problem is. I have to know the files are broken or not. If needed I maybe could send the files privately.
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