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Originally Posted by Blacker47 View Post
After encoding album A, all works fine (1.15v alpha). Then I copy it to my test-linux (Etch) and try to play it with Amarok 1 of 19 file are not playable with it.
I also had issues with Amarok playing mpc, but don't know more as I don't use it (And I'm using mandriva 2006).

Originally Posted by Blacker47 View Post
XMMS seems to play it, but the end of file are cuted (maybe on other files too).
Yes, this is a known bug (at least to me and Lefungus). It is a xmms-musepack plugin bug that I have corrected in my branche.

I think your encoded files are OK, maybe you can build the xmms-musepack plugin from the svn (this branche :, using this libmpcdec : or ask nicely xmixahlx to make a package for you.
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