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many thanks for your help antonski
eac seems to rip flawlessly (average 20.42x)have put latest winamp plugin in and am listening away as we speak.
i wasn't trying to play the files in winamp before as i don't like winamp (it can't do gapless mix cd's-dispite what people say-theres always a slight hesitation no matter what settings you employ)
i was using quintessential player and that won't touch the files.i suppose i'll have to wait for them to catch up!
i'd also rather use dbpoweramp for cd ripping and at present that don't work either.
seems i'm excitedly jumping the gun.
foobar still don't work for me but then again i don't like it so i'll bin it anyway.
(anything that can't scroll playing song in taskbar just doesn't cut for me)
once again thanks for your help...i'll just have to wait for the other apps to catch up
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