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Default Favorite audio player in Linux that uses Replay Gain as well?

Hi all,

I see a few players in Linux/BSD that support Musepack, but of utmost importance to me is the use of Replay Gain, and obviously a player that makes use of the gapless playback support. Does anyone use Replay Gain on any of these (or other players) and can safely recommend them? I don't have a current Linux install right now but will be throwing a Debian variant on in the next few weeks or so...

(From the Replay Gain wiki page at

Replay Gain–compliant audio players that also support Musepack:

* Amarok for Linux
* Audacious for Unix-like systems
* Aqualung for Linux and Windows
* Exaile for Linux/GNOME
* Mpg123 supported for only Xing/Lame/Info header
* mpd for Unix-like systems
* Muine music player for GNOME
* XMMS for Unix-like systems with X11 (supports Replay Gain for Vorbis; for MP3 files, a patched version of the xmms-mad plugin which only supports APEv2 is available.

Thanks for any input. I am not really wanting to use foobar with WINE, but I suppose I could try it.

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