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MPC Encoder 1.30
EAC 0.99

I've been going mad for the last two hours. After a formatting my system I wanted to rip some CDs to MPC again and suddenly I have problems (never happened before!).

Settings I use:

Command line: - --quality 8 --xlevel --artist "%a" --title "%t" --album "%g" --year "%y" --track "%n" --genre "%m" %s
Add ID3 tag - unchecked
Use external program for compression - checked
Parameter passing scheme - User Defined Encoder
Encoder - 32bit
Use Offset Correction - unchecked

The problem is that I got the message "File uses Intensity Stereo, which is not supported anymore. I'm using SV8 package and Winamp I've spent two hours looking for some answers but no results so far. Tried different settings, different command lines but nothing seems to be working. Any help would be very much appreciated as I can't rip my CDs to anything other than MPC !
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