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Default Convert a mpc music lybrary


at first sorry for my bad english!!!

I had to convert about 6GB of mpc-Files and because I didn't found how to do it (I must say that usually I don't search for long for things I can do at myself) I've written a Matlab function that:

searchs mpc files in %source_path% and all subfolders of it and converts it using mpc2sv8.exe to sv8. The converted files will be saved in a new folder named '%source_path%.mpc_sv8'. The folder architecture of %source_path% will be reconstructed, but only with folders containing mpc files.
Not mpc files e.g. jpg files for covers will not be copied.

%source_path% is usually your music library, but it can also be a writable device e.g 'c:\', if you don't remember where your library is saved. In this case the converted files will be saved in 'C:\.mpc_sv8'. Only writable devices are allowed.

I wanted to write an exe file, but I'm not able to do it, maybe someone can convert it to a dos program, so that not only Matalb users can use it.


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