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Default Cowon S9 32GB

I have been using musepack from back when the extension was mp+, so quite a few years. For the last several years i have been ripping my music to both flac and mpc, flac for streaming around my house to various stereos, and mpc with the future view for when i got a portable player.
I have been holding off for various reasons, but since i had some money burning a hole in my pocket i picked the cowon S9 without fully checking for mpc support - several previous versions have had mpc support so i assumed support.
Now i find that this lovely little player doesn't have mpc in its format lineup, i really don't want to go over to ogg and although i could use flac for day to day playing 32GB really gets eaten up really quickly.
So i guess my question is, is there anyway to get mpc to play on the S9 as is, or do i have to wait until it gets support via rockbox or for cowon to see the error of its ways and add support via a new firmware ?

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