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Default SV8 version, EAC, APE tags : weird characters.(russian like)

hi everybody,

I use mpc for a long time and I love it, but I have a problem with the SV8 version ("stable 1.30")

I use mpcenc.exe (the mpc encoder) with Exact audio copy (the cd ripper) on windows XP.

With the SV7 version (beta 1.16) I use to encode my MPCs with "APE v2 tags" instead of "ID3 tags". For that, I use mpcenct.exe (this file must be in the same folder along with mpcenc.exe) that make APE v2 tags working with MPCs.

Now with the SV8 version i have odd characters on my tags : one of those : " " in the title make "russian-cyrilic-like-characters" on the tag.

I can't find any answer. I use foobar2000 (so maybe it comes from it) but with MP3tag (a massive tag renamer that works -despite of his name- with APE tags ) it's the same.

This is the only way to see those weird characters, it never comes with another software or with windows Xp.

Does anybody have any ideas?

thanks for your help !

ps: sorry for my poor english ! (I"m french)
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