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Default Listening tests

As Im new to Musepak I was wonering after reading that it has been mainly optimised for muse at 170kb if anyone on here has done any comparison tests with other bit rates?
I downloaded a few other types of formats and tried them out on my Iaudio X5 with a pair of klipsch x5 headphones and used the bit rate 128k.And for the life of me I couldnt tell any difference between mpc at 128k and other formats with much higher rate.I was very suprised and delighted to be honest .Unless Im going deaf in my old age.
Has musepak been optimised for 128k or is it just that good anyway?
One last question please ,how does it compare with battery useage with other formats?
Thank you.
Last night at work I encoded 15 gb worth of music .Busy night at work .LOL
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